Tracy's Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen.  Please feel free to sit down and peruse the recipes.  You will find a variety of tastes both sweet and savory that will help you eat well and feel well at the same time.

My love of cooking began many years ago in my mother’s kitchen.  She enjoys preparing food for family and friends and she is a superb entertainer.  Because I had the very best teacher, it is no surprise that cooking became a passion.

These days it is common knowledge that we should eat a light and healthy diet to keep our bodies light and healthy.  Having lost 35 pounds in 2008 on the Weight Watchers plan, I know the difficulties of changing bad habits.  I live the lifelong challenge of weight maintenance.  With this blog, I want to teach you it is not as hard as you think.

I love to cook!  I love to read cookbooks and food blogs and anything food-related.  I don’t mind the shopping and the preparation and even the cleanup if the result is a light and tasty dish. The bonus for me is knowing you might want to make it in your own kitchen.

It is fun to try new spices and experiment with kitchen gadgets.  I will share what I know as we go along.  Hopefully, ingredients will not seem intimidating and techniques will appear easier than you originally thought.  I choose to use a few processed items, things like fat free whipped topping and sugar free fat free pudding mix, so I can lighten recipes that normally would not fit into a low calorie, low fat diet. 

My cooking is not complicated or extravagant.  I love the flavors of faraway places and of local traditions but I add a lighter spin.  I want your cooking experience to be fun so join me as I share from my own kitchen.  Here’s to health and good cooking!