Weight Loss

I was a chubby little girl.  My mother and I joined Weight Watchers when I was in sixth grade and I learned how to diet.  I jumped on the emotional roller coaster that is lifelong dieting.

As the years went by, a pattern developed.  I realized I needed to lose “a few pounds.”  I visited the bookstore to find the latest popular diet book and buy it. I lost a little weight on that particular plan du jour, then returned to old eating habits and gained it back - plus some. 

I always knew that Weight Watchers is a sensible diet.  Over the years, they perfected the plan into a healthy lifestyle choice.  When the latest diet failed, or I failed the latest, I returned to Weight Watchers and stayed for a while.  It felt right, I felt healthy, and I always lost weight.  Then I would quit.

The Weight Watchers theory is right.  The meetings help to motivate the members, even after the weight goal is met.  The last time I returned, I did so with determination to stick around after I lost my weight.  I am maintaining my 35-pound weight loss by continuing on the “program.”  I get support and I give support to those who also choose this way of life.

The absolute best part about the Weight Watchers plan is that you can eat anything.  Making healthy choices and exercising is emphasized, but no lifelong plan works if there is no room for indulgences.  I plan special treats into each day, I eat them slowly, and I enjoy every bite.

My recipes include my own calculation of  “Points Plus” values.  Weight Watchers’ current method of portion control assigns a value to each food based on the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber.  I use their calculator to determine the number of points plus to make it easy for my followers who are on Weight Watchers.  In addition, I include my calculation of calories per serving for each recipe.

This is my story.  My recipes fit into my eating plan, but they are applicable to most other healthy lifestyle choices as well.  Please dig in and enjoy!