Saturday, December 10, 2011

My son, the cook

Clark asked to guest post on Tracy Cooks it Right.  He is an excellent cook, when in the mood, and he has intriguing ideas.  He works hard all day, then works out hard.  He knows he feels better when choosing healthy foods.  He recently made a fabulous Jambalaya for the family which I hope he shares someday.  Today I welcome Clark and his creativity from his apartment kitchen.  Please enjoy! 

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There are nights you don't have the energy to go to the gym. There are nights you want to eat light. And then there are nights where the gym is no longer appealing, you don't want to eat a lot, and you have no money. But hunger is hunger and sometimes you gotta put something in the tank.

Clark Cooks What's Left - SIMPLE MAN STIRFRY


Pack of Frozen Vegetables - Preferably Asian Blend  
Laughing Cow Cheese
BBQ Sauce
Cajun Seasoning


Put butter in the pan to melt. Then dump the entire bag of vegetables into the frying pan. Put another glob of butter on top of the veggies so you know when they are heating up. As they heat up, dump in 2 triangles of laughing cow swiss. Once that begins to melt, splash in some bbq sauce and add cajun seasoning to flavor. The laughing cow, butter, bbq sauce, and cajun seasoning will all melt together to coat the veggies in a rustic, authentic, smokey, creamy dressing with a little kick! You'll be full for hours and skinny too!

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